Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So your grandmother was right, it is good to Have Your Rugs Dusted!

A study by Eureka claimed that an oriental rug could hold up to 87lbs of dirt.

So when was the last time you cleaned your oriental rugs?

I would recommend an annual cleaning for all your fine rugs, more often for rugs in active rooms. Rugs should be cleaned at a cleaners location rather than in the home. Oriental rugs require a certain amount of care that is better accomplished in the cleaners facility rather than in the home.

The steps needed to complete the cleaning are easily completed in the professional facility.

Proper area/oriental rug cleaning involves the thorough removal of dry soil first. Rug dusters are one of the best ways to facilitate dry soil removal. A rug is laid face down on top of a metal grate. Then the backing is gently agitated so the dry soil can drop down onto the floor below the metal grate, away from the rug. Then a thorough vacuuming of both sides of the rug should occur.  Apex Carpet Care, LLC has just the machine made for dry dusting the rugs.  Very few "area rug cleaners" actually have invested in the proper tool for this.

All area/oriental rugs cannot be cleaned the same way.

The rugs need to be evaluated individually for many things including color fastness. Some rugs can bleed if over wet. Tests can be run on rugs before the cleaning. These tests can help determine the color fastness of the rug.

Fringes need to be worked on by hand. Fringes may require additional care after the cleaning has been completed and the rug has dried. An area with controlled drying with proper dehumidification is preferable.

Proper cleaning includes rinsing.  You have spent the last year walking on your rug, maybe two, could it be 3 years, or more? You need a cleaning with a healthy rinse. Wool can be rinsed. Remember sheep are allowed to be outside in the rain.

The post inspection of the rug after cleaning is critical. A finishing procedure to soften the rug can make all the difference in how a rug feels to the hand.

Before you hire someone to clean your fine, expensive oriental rugs, ask a few questions. How long the company has been in business. How often do they clean oriental rugs, every once in a while or on a weekly basis.

Hire an experienced company to clean your area/oriental rugs.

Apex Carpet Care, LLC has the experience and education to clean your area/oriental rugs.  Our company also cleans wall-to-wall carpeting, furniture, tile and grout, and offers "in plant" cleaning of oriental rugs. We Service the Tri-County area around Charleston, SC. (and sometimes beyond).  We also offer various restoration services (fire/smoke/water) and can repair just about any carpet issue you may have.

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Adapted from an article published by Thomas_Dunne_Jr, who is a cleaner out of the Chicago area and has 42 years experience in the industry.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some common "myths" we have run into!

At times, we like to share with you the things we run into while taking orders, answering questions or even while doing the jobs.

Here are a few "myths" we have heard over the years and some facts to help dispell them and help our consumers make an educated decision.

 "All cleaning methods have the same result"

There are two primary methods, dry cleaning or hot water extraction.

Dry cleaning (this is not like dry cleaning clothing because all carpet cleaning methods use water in one form or another, whether dry-foam, dry-chemical or dry compound methods are employed).
With dry foam, your carpet is shampooed and allowed to dry, followed by a vacuuming to remove the foam and any adhered dirt. This old-fashioned method is least effective and can leave a soil-attracting residue in the carpet.

The dry chemical method is similar to dry foam but a rotary machine is fitted with a cloth to rub the carpet and absorb the dirt. It is the equivalent of someone using a spot cleaner and towel but on a larger scale. This method also fails to achieve a deep clean and can also damage carpet fibers.

The dry compound method spreads an absorbent compound over the carpet, which is then brushed into the carpet fibers by machine to absorb dirt into the mixture. When dry, a vacuum is used to remove the compound, much like the dry foam method but far more effective at removing dirt and residues. This is known as the HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner System which is recommended by over 70 carpet mills and is the most popular carpet dry-cleaning method in Europe.

Hot water extraction (or 'steam cleaning' although this description is inaccurate).
A hot water cleaning solution is high-pressured into then extracted from the carpet fibers by a powerful machine. Its deep cleaning action fully penetrates every fiber, extracting almost all the moisture pumped into the carpet, together with soil and residues, for the most effective clean.
The world's largest carpet manufacturer recommends hot water extraction. Hot water will not damage the carpet - that's another myth! Washing and rinsing carpets with hot water is the most effective way of cleaning - as with bathing, laundry or washing the dishes.

"Anyone with the right equipment can do the job"

Of course this is not the case. Training and experience are also important. Many cleaning companies own hot-water cleaners but some employees have little or no training and even some owner-operators don't know how to use them properly. For this reason, it is important to choose a carpet cleaning service wisely.
Check that the company and on-site operators have been fully trained and certified by the

http://www.iicrc.org/.   Each certified member will have a card they will be able to present and show individual certifications and when they expire.  Be sure to check the date as MANY have old cards.

"The lowest price must be the best value"

There are two important points to consider: that the quotes are for the exact same service and that an advertised price is the actual price you will be charged.
(a) comparative quotes are for identical services.
As you are reading this, you are clearly doing your research. Before you invite a company to quote, decide what you do and don't need to achieve.
For example, if you want a quick surface clean, there are many companies that offer shampoos or similar cleaning methods - or you can hire a machine to do the job yourself.
However, if you want your carpet thoroughly deep-cleaned to remove dirt, bacteria, pollen, chemicals and other residues, the cleaning company should, ideally, provide a quotation for using a professional hot water extraction system - the best way to keep your carpet free from dirt and abrasive chemicals.

(b) ensure that the price you see advertised is for the services you want.

Home-owners have sometimes found themselves the victims of misleading advertising, that the amount they are charged is higher than the price in the advertisement. Some carpet cleaners offer a low price, perhaps 15.00 per room, to give them an opportunity to pressure a potential customer into paying more once they are in your home.

As you can see, there are a lot of myths out there about our industry.  There are also many people who are out to take advantage of the consumer.  We adhere to being honest and dependable.  Our technicians are all IICRC certified, we have 2 Master Textile Cleaners on staff.   You can rest assure that your carpets, flooring or any other job we will do for you are in capable and caring hands!

Call us at 843-769-7445 24/7 to book, get a quote or clarify any questions you may have!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New year.......Get ORGANIZED!!!!

People now own much more stuff than people did fifty years ago, and with the advent of increased possessions, we have to constantly declutter or we may become overwhelmed. If you have too much stuff, give away or sell whatever you do not use. A general rule of thumb is that if you have not used it for a year or more, you do not need it. With everything that remains, you need to start organizing.
You do not need to have numerous closets or dressers to organize your stuff. In fact, large storage areas can actually be fairly useless. In order to achieve the highest level or order, you need to use containers or boxes that are as close as possible to the size of the items that you need to store.
To illustrate this point, if you have a lot of materials for scrap booking, a large closet will only offer you space to put these items in a big pile on the floor, but if you have a dresser or a series of small bags or boxes, you can categorize and organize these items better. If you do not have any extra closets or dressers, you can organize your stuff and decorate your home simultaneously by using decorative storage boxes. Needing to organize your possessions is a common problem lately, and there are many options that will help you. Whether you choose to buy a second hand dresser, subdivide all your stuff into plastic bags, or use decorative storage boxes, the important thing is that you create order in your life.

Bradley P. White has been a practicing pharmacist in Ohio for 14 years. He focuses his practice on healthy living and wellness. He educates people on how to correct nutritional deficiencies to avoid illness and disease.

You can read more articles from Bradley here: decorative storage boxes
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Monday, January 3, 2011

How often should you have carpets cleaned professionally?

Most people vacuum their carpet at least once per week. This helps prolong the life of carpet and keeps dust and pollen to a minimum in the home which creates a healthier environment. But running a vacuum cleaner over your carpet once a week won't clean the carpet deeply. Only a professional can perform a deep cleaning.

The professional's at APEX CARPET CARE use steam and special chemicals which remove a lot more dirt, dust, pollen, and pet hair than your vacuum cleaner can.This is why it's important to have your carpets cleaned by APEX CARPET CARE periodically.

The maximum recommended time between commercial cleaning is once per year. This is if you don't have a house-full of kids or animals living in your home. If it's just you or you and your spouse, and you're both gone most of the time, then once per year should be often enough.

A more realistic schedule for the average family would be twice a year or once every six months. A family with two adults and two kids and a pet produces much more dirt and grime than a single person or a couple.
If your home has kids, pets, and smokers, you might want to consider using APEX CARPET CARE every three months. This will ensure that your home stays fresh and odor-free between cleanings.

When are the best times to have your carpets cleaned? A lot of homeowners have this done just before major holidays or before large parties with many guests. Another good time is spring or early summer after residents have been couped up in the house for several months.

So have your carpet cleaned regularly by APEX CARPET CARE and it will last much longer, look newer, and your family will be much healthier because of it.