Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is your vacuum giving you problems?

Your vacuum cleaner usually loses its suction system if there are internal parts malfunctioning. More often than not, the hose, the motor and the belt are the ones malfunctioning. Compared to other appliances, it is far easier to maintain a vacuum machine because of its fairly simple mechanism.
You should know how to troubleshoot the most common vacuum cleaner problems. Also find out how you can maintain your vacuum machine to avoid future problems.

1. Locate the clog or the leak
If the machine is working but it is not working well in picking up dirt, something is probably stuck in the hose. Turn the machine off and locate the clog in the hose. Remove the clog using a small rod that you can insert inside the hose.
Another problem that you might encounter is a leak. This can cause the loss of air inside the machine which will then hamper its suction system. You would want to check the machine for signs of leak and try to fix or replace the leaky areas.

2. Clean the filter.
If the HEPA filter is dirty, the machine will have a poor suction system. It will not work well in improving the quality of the air you are breathing. Try cleaning the filter by rinsing it in soapy water. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove accumulated debris. Allow it to dry before placing it back in the vacuum.
If your cleaning machine has a post-motor filter, you might want to clean that too. Use the same cleaning methods.

3. Clean the rolling brush.
If something is stuck in the rolling brush, the upright vacuum will have trouble cleaning carpets or the floor. Make sure you get rid of accumulated dust particles or hair in the rolling brush. Wash the brush in soapy water, rinse it well and let it dry.

Changing the bearings of the brush should also be done periodically. If they are starting to turn rusty, change them. They can impair the rolling mechanism of the brush.

4. Empty the dirt receptacle.
You should replace the dirt bag or empty it out if it has already been filled up to 3/4 of its capacity. Do not wait for it to get filled up completely because this might cause the leaking of dirt particles inside the machine.
To make your machine smell cleaner and fresher, try soaking a small piece of parchment paper in one cup of water mixed with two drops of vanilla. Let the parchment paper dry and place it inside the dirt receptacle.
If you have kids at home, you should use commercial HEPA vacuum cleaners to improve the air that they are breathing and to lessen allergens. For more tips, visit