Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Clean carpets yourself? Or hire a professional?

It's natural that when you need something done you'll seek out the cheapest option available that offers the best service. You don't want to be paying peanuts to get monkeys but you don't want to pay through the roof to find you could have paid half the price for the same service.

When you need your carpets cleaned one option is to hire a professional carpet cleaner; another is to DIY and rent a machine from your local hardware store. This article will explain why this is a bad idea and one that should be avoided.

The first important factor to consider is how powerful the do it yourself carpet cleaning machines really are.

The chances are you won't be able to rent the commercial grade equipment which means anything you can get just won't have the punch or cleaning power that you can get by using a professional. They wont have the high pressure needed to get deep down and then they don't have the high suction required to get the water out that's been put down which will result in over wetting.

The second thing to consider is the price of the chemicals.

When you rent the machine you'll be able to buy the chemicals that are marked up to make the most amount of money. Without them you won't get far and with them you'll be paying so much that you may as well have got the professionals in.

You also have to be sure that you what type of carpet, the types of stains, traffic areas and odors you are trying to remove, so that you will know what cleaner to get.

You will be much happier with your results if you get the correct chemicals; it's not good using a coffee stain remover on a urine stain.

Another factor to consider is what damage you could do to the carpets.

Most customers don't know the difference between cleaning a wool carpet and one made of synthetic material.
With a decent DIY machine and good quality chemicals that are correct for the carpets and stains you have you might be able to clean your carpet with reasonable results, however it's one that is not recommended.

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